WoB Participation in the Conference ” Internationalization Experience”

At the Men and Women Entrepreneurs School of Avilés, Asturias, last week an interesting conference took place in which entrepreneurs with experience in internationalization discussed about this topic with associates of BPW Spain and also with other entrepreneurs of this pioneering Asturian school .


Marta Pérez Dorao, member of WoB , made ​​a presentation about the barriers that are faced in this adventure, and the main advices that can be provided to women entrepreneurs who plan to work beyond our borders .


The main issues to consider , from the point of view of the entrepreneur , are:


1 – Subject:  undertaking is exciting , but also exhausting. Therefore , devote yourself to something you’re passionate about , because you’ll devote all your time and energy . Also, you’ll have to sell the project to investors and clients, so the excitement has to be authentic to be contagious! You have to love your work. And talk about it to everyone! You never know where there might be a chance …


Once you have chosen the project , it is essential to keep the focus : Focus on one thing only , think big and do not lose sight of the path : be very ” stubborn” .


2 – Time : There’s never a perfect moment. Do not put it off until the kids are older, until you have more money , until … If you’re sure of what you want, just go and do it .


3 – Team : Employ people who are smarter than you, do not be afraid to surround yourself with the top sheet . Then leave those people freedom to work , do not become a bottleneck. Implementing a strong company culture from the beginning is essential. But never forget that owners and executives have different priorities . Therefore, if you find key executives , involve them in the project: sometimes sharing the cake makes your cake bigger.


Finally, consider that you can do it because you believe you do. The triumph is not about ability but about will.