Participation in CSW 57 in New York

Marta Pérez Dorao , founding partner of WoB , has been in New York as a participant in the Commission on the Status of Women, which took place last March at the UN headquarters .

It is important to say that all the participating countries have agreed on a Final Paper –  contrary to what happened last year and ten years ago , when this same issue of violence against women in the UN headquarters was treated , and they could not reach an agreement on a findings document .

This implies an explicit commitment of the 131 signatory countries to eradicate all kinds of discrimination in the laws of the respective countries. The rights of women and girls are considered human rights without exclusion, expressly rejecting any excuse or exception based on custom, religion or culture.

Countries therefore undertake to eliminate all forms of violence against women in the public and private sectors , with a focus on prevention, access to education, health and justice, equal salary , and to end the impunity that currently characterizes the infringements of these rights in different parts of the world .

As Michelle Bachelet  (who would later make public her decision to leave ONUWomen to return to the policy in her country ) said ,

• By agreeing with that document , Governments have made ​​clear that discrimination and violence against women and girls has no place in the 21st century. They have reaffirmed their commitment and responsibility to undertake concrete action to end violence against women and girls and promote and protect human rights and women’s basic freedoms .

Now is the time for implementation and accountability.